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Integrated Business Ventures Co. Ltd.(IBV)

Integrated Business Ventures Co. Ltd.(IBV)(

Integrated Business Ventures is a diversified company in the field of transport and real estate consulting, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, healthcare design and consulting, medical devices, vitamins, Food & Beverage and Satelitte Communications. IBV provides an unmatched world class service to customers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

IBV’s partners include:

Aditazz: (

Aditazz invented a radical new approach to the design and construction of complex buildings. Better Building, faster execution and lower cost.

Their software enables them to break away from the traditional, sequential process and bring you a concurrent, interactive and efficient approach. This allows you to maximize quality, safety and efficiency in your building under a myriad of design and operational choices.

A hospital design created by Aditazz was chosen as one of two winning solutions for Kaiser Permanente’s (www. first-ever “Small Hospital, Big Idea” international design competition.

Now Health Group, USA (

The leading USA manufacturer of herbal based vitamins and food supplements. NOW manufactures and distributes more than 1,400 dietary supplements, natural foods, sports nutrition and personal care products.

Today, NOW Foods is one of the top-selling brands in health foods stores, an award-winning manufacturer, a respected advocate of the natural product industry, and a leader in the fields of nutritional science and methods development. And while we have grown considerably over the past four decades, one thing has never changed – our commitment to providing products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives.

Infectious Disease Research Institute, USA (

This non-profit global health organization that is instrumental in the development of MERS vaccine in KSA.

DRI is a new breed of global health nonprofit, taking a comprehensive approach to address infectious diseases. IDRI combines the high-quality science of a research organization with the product development capabilities of a biotech company to create new diagnostics, drugs and vaccines.

Healthcare Innovators (HCI): (

HealthCare Innovators assists clients in creating or transforming their health care systems or organizations, so the safest, most effective, efficient and equitable care possible is provided.  HCI does not represent any single institution.  HCI’s core team members converge from a broad professional spectrum, including all aspects of health care (clinical, management, and systems), science, technology, business and the biomedical industry.

HCI from this broad background that draws our extensive, unbiased network of eclectic advisors for knowledge in clinical practice, education, research/development, biotech and biomedical device information, healthcare IT and the best innovations in the healthcare sector.

Those innovations are rigorously examined, compared and assessed for their potential to improve patient outcomes and to improve health care system performance.  Thus, three platforms support HCI’s ability to transform any health care entity or system: 1-  Robust core team. 2- Unbiased network of professionals. 3- Validated innovations from collaborators.

IBV is working closely with HCI in expanding their consulting services to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC. HCI has been working with the Ministry of Health on developing a number of initiatives in the Kingdom. HCI along with IBV, has been working with Price Waterhouse Coopers on establishing relationships in Saudi Arabia.

Gamma Medica (GM): (

Gamma Medica is the leader in providing MBI which was developed by the Mayo Clinic.

Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) is a highly effective secondary diagnostic tool, particularly for women with dense breast tissue. Studies have shown that mammograms fail to detect cancers in one-third to one-half of women with dense breasts (Clinical Literature on MBI). In some cases, the findings from a mammogram are inconclusive, and secondary screening will almost always be required. But even with negative results for women with dense breast tissue (or who are considered high-risk for breast cancer), an adjunctive MBI test should be considered.

Globecomm Systems Inc., USA (

Globecomm, is a leading global provider of managed network communication solutions. Employing their expertise in emerging communication technologies they are able to offer a comprehensive suite of system integration, system products, and network services enabling a complete end-to-end solution for customers. We believe Globecomm’s integrated approach of in-house design and engineering expertise combined with a world-class global network and our 24 by 7 network operating centers provides Globecomm a unique competitive advantage. Globecomm is now taking this value proposition to selective vertical markets, including government, wireless, media, enterprise, and maritime. As a network solution provider Globecomm leverages their global network to provide customers managed access services to the United States Internet backbone, video content, the public switched telephone network or their corporate headquarters, or government offices. Globecomm currently has customers for which they are providing such services in the United States, Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.