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eClinic Services(

eClinic is a new achievement in delivering the best electronic medical services worldwide.

eClinic Services provides many medical services to the Saudi Arabian market that are otherwise not widely available.

As one of its first offerings, eClinic will provide second opinions through renowned American healthcare providers. These second opinions which are not regurlarly available to patients due to their lack of how to proceed in obtaining such a service.
The service will be available at our local practice through our onsite physicians that will guide the patient through the entire process.

Another offering is the eHealth Conceirge service which consists of a referral service to leading hospitals in USA. The service will be able to handle initial appointments with specialists as well as arrange for airline, hotel and ground transportation to and from USA, making the hospital experience as smooth as one can expect.

eClinic with its remarkable work in technology and healthcare services, is all set to provide a whole range of diverse specialized medical services, both electronically and traditionally, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.