About us

Quality is our only deliverable.

About Us

Althat Alarabiah Company Limited (AAC), and its subsidiaries actively engage in diverse business activities with a rapid growth and sustenance business model. The company with its corporate headquarters in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia, has consistently shown dynamism in its various businesses, since its establishment in 2006.

The broad range of customers garnered over the years recognize the Althat Alarabiah brand for world-class advanced technology, customer-centered products, adaptive processes and most of all – the highest ethics, morals and values that strengthen customer loyalty.

Initiatives – Strategic, Progressive and Complete

To make its endeavors feasible, effective and fully efficient, AAC has nurtured some of the most strategic vital and viable associations with local and international companies in the diverse areas of construction, architecture & planning, museology, trading, healthcare, bio-technology, pharmaceutical, DTH & media content, automation & energy, commercial real estate development and management.

The company takes initiatives to promote indigenous technologies and talent in shaping the competitive landscape of Saudi Arabia by making it par with the global players, in terms of quality, technology finesse, superior processes and proven skills.

Benchmarked with the Best

The company has set for itself an impressive benchmark with its commitment to best practices of businesses at both domestic and global platform. AAC has acquired all the essential approvals from the various departments of the Government and adheres to all the stringent regulations that are mandatory in Saudi. The company’s assurance to ethics and legal practices can be felt in every aspect of its business and operations.

Among many of its achievements, Althat has just been awarded the largest Museology Contract in the history of Saudi Arabia. This project is for the world famous UNESCO Atturaif project. Along with its consortium of the top museum experts from around the world, Althat has created the first Saudi Museology company to handle upcoming museum projects throughout the Middle East.